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Bounce & Drive

Harga: Rp.350.000

Dessert Store

Suitable For Age 3+ Years

Dessert Edition is sure to provide hours of educational play time for your kids.

Featuring a scanner, food, a cash register, coins and cash this toy set is the perfect tool for your child to experience shopping for the groceries, being a check out chick, using money and generally to learn about the realities of everyday life in a fun and engaging way.
Shelves Note Prices, bills and coins have large numbers so your little one can learn about the value of money and practice their counting and maths skills.
This Play Set encourages shared play as children can switch roles and go from customer to employee.
This educational toy is perfect for helping kids learn while having fun.

Product Dimensions: 55.5 x 34 x 86 cm

Harga: Rp.400.000

Luxury Candy Car

Suitable For Age 3+ Years


* Dimensions 47 x 20 x 36 cm
* Lights & Sounds

Harga: Rp.200.000

Cake Shop

Suitable For Age 3+ Years


* Dimensions 60 x 30 x 91 cm
* 75 Pcs Accessories include cake, cash register, scanner
* Lights & Sounds

Harga: Rp.400.000

Birthday Cake Party Play Set

Suitable for Age 3+ years

Harga: Rp.300.000

Building Blocks - White Thomas Train Series

Battery-powered locomotive with sound effects. The train can move forward and for example, a tank filler sound plays when the train is connected to the fuel station.


* Battery-powered steamer with railroad passenger car
* Platform station with clock and window that can be opened
* Small fuel station
* 2 figures with individually movable legs
* Tracks for round shape railway

Suitable for Age 3+ years

Harga: Rp.275.000

Building Blocks - Railway Bus Series


* Sounds
* Motor Functions
* 100% Non Toxic Material
* Duplo Size Blocks

Suitable for Age 3+ years

Harga: Rp.275.000

Building Blocks - Thomas & Friends Train Set


* Lights & Sounds
* Motor Functions
* 100% Non Toxic Material
* Duplo Size Blocks

Suitable for Age 3+ years

Harga: Rp.180.000

WINFUN Boppin Beats Drum Set Keyboard

WINFUN Boppin Beats Drum Set KeyboardDetail Produk

* 4 modes of play: Free Play. Fun Sounds, Follow Me, Play Right
* Built in Demo songs
* Light Up Drum Pads and Cymbal
* On / Off button, Volume control button
* 2 Drumsticks included

Harga: Rp.300.000

Vtech Little Friendlies 3 in 1 Baby Centre

Vtech Little Friendlies 3 in 1 Baby CentreDetail Produk
Little Friendlies 3-in-1 baby centre combines gym, play panel & walker.
Features 2 modes of play;exploring the world & music, play modes play different phrases, songs & melodies in gym or walker mode.
Baby centre includes lots of interactive features including piano keys, dangling animals, book with flip-over page, roller ball & mechanical moon & star.
Motion sensor will trigger fun sounds & music when in walker mode.
Introduces numbers, shapes, colours, music notes & animals.
Light-up sun attracts baby s attention to encourage play.
Features 4 sing-along songs & 20 melodies. Encourages motor skills, cause & effect relationships & discovery & exploration.

Suitable for Children aged o months & over

Harga: Rp.685.000

Vtech My 1st Car Key Rattle

Vtech My 1st Car Key RattleDetail Produk
The VTech My 1st Car Key Rattle introduces car concepts, colours, music and sensory and tactile stimulation.
The light-up window teaches the colour of the car and keys.
Shake to activate the motion sensor and listen to engine and acceleration sounds for realistic role-play. 11 uplifting melodies and happy 3 sing-along songs.

Harga: Rp.215.000

Vtech Babys 1st Smartphone

Vtech Babys 1st SmartphoneDetail Produk
Baby's First Smartphone is a cute smartphone-styled toy that will get your baby talking!
It features a cool sliding screen that changes the mode of play and includes a home button, call and reject buttons, and a chunky slider.
App mode will encourage baby to 'call' their animal friends and interact with the 12 light-up app buttons to hear fun phrases about the weather, messages, sing-along songs, and more.
Parents can even programme in their home phone number.
Music mode introduces instrument sounds and popular melodies through an MP3 style screen. Includes lots of realistic phone sounds, cute phrases, animal sounds, and flashing lights. Simple questions encourage interaction and discovery.

Harga: Rp.315.000

WINFUN Pull & Lay Chicken

WINFUN Pull & Lay ChickenDetail Produk

* Fun Sound Effects and Cheerful Melodies
* On / OFF and Volume Switch
* Pull Along the chicken to flap the wings and lay the eggs with fun sound effects

Harga: Rp.190.000

WINFUN Magic Sounds Composer Keyboard

WINFUN Magic Sounds Composer KeyboardDetail Produk
The WinFun magic sounds composer keyboard is a great light touch 10 key keyboard with flashing light.
The keyboard features four instrument selections and 3 animal sound buttons.
It also has a rhythm selection, drum sounds and cymbal sounds.
With this keyboard you can also record and playback your music.
It has built-in demo songs and volume control buttons. It is really bright and colourful which children will really love.

Harga: Rp.170.000